The Past

The name Delmar Gardens is an homage to the amusement park of the same name, operated on the site of the Farmers Market District from 1902-1910. Delmar Gardens boasted a 3,000 seat theater, dance pavilion, horse racing track, swimming pool, exotic animal zoo, railway, boardwalk beer garden, amusement rides and a penny arcade. With the continued redevelopment of the Historic OKC Farmers Market District, we hope to offer the community diverse dining, entertainment, planting, and beverage options!

The Present

Delmar Gardens Food Truck Park is conveniently located near downtown, right next to the Historic OKC Farmers Public Market, The Powerhouse Bar & Grill, Urban Agrarian Grocers, Piñata’s Produce, a 28,000 SF antique mall, Oklahoma Food Cooperative, Anthem Brewery, Bikram Yoga OKC, and PAM’s Nursery. Food truck vendors have the option of utilizing the Earth Elements Entrepreneur Kitchen located directly to the west of Delmar Gardens.
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